Summer Hates Your Hair

Dear Friends,

Letís be honest for a moment. Itís August. You sweat. Your scalp sweats. Your hair is oily and dirty -- because youíre afraid to wash it every day, and because you canít imagine firing up the blow dryer when itís 96 degrees outside.

We feel your pain, as do the wonderful folks at Redken. Thatís why they created 1. the perfect everyday shampoo, and 2. A revolutionary styling gel that works without a blow dryer.

Hereís the deal: Clean Maniac is an extremely gentle moisturizing shampoo that you can use every single day without drying out your hair. And NBD is a wet-hair gel that allows you to style your hair in minutes without a blow dryeróand miraculously the style holds while your hair air dries naturally.

Behold, your new morning routine: Wash your hair with Clean Maniac, then grab a tube of NBD and rub it through. Youíre out the door, looking fabulous and smelling clean.

They are our best selling products at Eruan right now, and both products are 20% off for a limited time. Come grab some soon, make the rest of your summer clean and easy!

With Warm Summer Love,

Your Friends at Eruan


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