Wild Colors Are Here!

Dear Friends,

Let’s brighten things up, shall we?

By “things” we mean your hair of course. The great thing about today’s fashion is that we don’t need to be limited to the traditional choices of blond, brunette, and redhead. Everyone—women and men, young and, er, less young-- are experimenting with bold highlights and tints, wild streaks, fantasy- inspired looks; and really anything you can imagine.

It’ s your hair, and you have the freedom to make it your own!

That’ s why we’ve brought in the fabulously amazing new Colorful Hair collection. Colorful Hair made a huge splash when it was introduced in Europe, because it allows you and your stylist to mix up practically any color palette you can dream of: From brilliant primaries to soft, sexy pastels. Check out some of the possibilities on Instagram -- follow #colorfulhair to see some truly beautiful styles and to get inspiration for your very own personalized color blast.

While you’re on Instagram make sure you follow the brand new Eruan Salon page…maybe on day your new style or color will be featured there for Internet fame and fortune!

With Warm Wishes,

Your Friends at Eruan


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