The Dog Days of Summer Are Here

Dear Friends,

Here at Eruan, we love dogs. Is there any more loyal, handsome, and fun pet to have in your life? Come on, just look at this adorable fuzzball!

But as cute as that style is on your favorite pooch, thereís not excuse for having poodle hair of your own. Yes, itís itís August in New York. Yes, the humidity is only slightly lower than it is at the bottom of the Hudson River. But YES you can do something about it!

Eruan is one of NYCís premier hair smoothing and straightening specialists. Our stylists have been trained in everything from low-toxicity Keratin treatments to the incredibly safe, effective, and affordable Magic Sleek system. So whatever kind of hair you have -- and whether you want to go fully straight or just get rid of the extreme poodle frizz -- we have something that will work for you.

So please make your appointment soon. Donít allow yourself to become a victim of the dog days of summer!


Your Friends at Eruan  



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