Does Your Hair Hate You?

Dear Friends,

You can be honest with us: You didn't take very good care of your hair this summer, did you? Sand, chlorine, salt water, and hours of burning sunlight have left your hair a tangled, frizzy mess, right?

We knew it. Which is why we are taking this opportunity, post-summer, to remind you of our most popular hair treatment Magic Sleek.

Magic Sleek is the next generation in hair straightening. It contains no formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals but in testing (including our own) it works better than Japanese and Brazilian Keratin some people can go as much as 6 months with silky smooth hair. Magic Sleek not only straightens and smooths, but it also nourishes. Its loaded with nutrients and natural botanicals that will absolutely keep your hair healthy and gorgeous.

Take a look at our fabulous before and after pics to see just how Magic Sleek can make your most beautiful self shine through.

Well see you soon for a consult!

Love and friendship,

Your Friends at Eruan


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