This One is for The Guys -- and the Gals Who Love Them

Dear Friends,

In the many years we’ve been sending out this friendly little newsletter, we have always featured product news, discounts, and fashion advice for our female clients.

But today, this is for the boys (or, if you’re a girl, for the boy in your life).

OK guys, listen up: You need to take better care of your hair. We love seeing you every few weeks for your haircuts, but it’s what you do at home in between that really matters -- especially in the summer when you’re killing your hair with sun, sweat, chlorine, and all who knows what else.

So here’s the deal: Next time you come in for a cut, ask your stylist about what products you should be using, based in your hair type and lifestyle needs. Your stylist will give you solid advice, and even set you up with some free samples you can take home and try out.

We sell all kinds of high-end hair products (at 40% off retail everyday) so not only can you get our expertise, you can pick up your supplies every time you stop in for your regular visits.

One last thing: We have Eruan gift cards, in case you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary gift for a Dad or Grad. Who doesn’t want the gift of great grooming?

Happy Start of the Summer from Your Bro Dudes at Eruan!


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